"Liebevoll hergestellte Dinge aus kreativer Künstlerhand"

" Brittany Hooks and Needles are beautifully made in America by a family of craftsmen, ensuring consistent quality and individual care. "

Chic-a: Making Practical Fun.

" Knitting Accessories which blend function and color to make the most of your projects, while keeping them organized and looking great."

"Außergewöhnliche Knöpfe / unique buttons: kreativ, innovativ, individuell."


"LANG YARNS ist heute eine der führenden Marken im weltweiten Markt für Handstrickgarne."


 WFTO certified, Manos employ over  350 rural artisans to produce hand dyed, fair trade wool.  

100% alpaca wool in natural colors - "home grown" and spun regionally at the Alpakas vom Nieplitzhof in Brandenburg .

Reywa means Hope in Tibeten: Luxury Yak-down fibers made to support Tibeten communities.


Rowan is an internationally renowned design-led luxury handknit yarn company.


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